Benchmarking to Puspati Triga Reactor Malaysia for Improvement of Internet Kartini Reactor Laboratory

Sutanto, one of lecturers of the Polytechnic Institute of Nuclear Technology – National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN) has participated in the Research Reactor School on Reactor Physics and Neutron Application for the Asia-Pacific region. This school was organized within a collaboration of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), BATAN and Malaysian Nuclear Agency and held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Bangi, Malaysia from 5 until 16 November 2018. The school combines theoretical classes and hands-on experimental activities by using both KARTINI and PUSPATI TRIGA research reactors. Topics included reactor physics, reactor kinetics and dynamics, basic concepts of safety, security and safeguards, radiation protection, neutron and gamma detection, research reactor operation as well as various research reactor applications.

Since BATAN has emphasized the utilization of Kartini reactor for research, education and training, participation in the school is important to increase both knowledge and potential of improving the reactor utilization through benchmarking to PUSPATI TRIGA Reactor Malaysia. In view of the reactor facilities to support the purposes, the PUSPATI TRIGA Reactor provides an advanced instrumentation and control system which enables both operator and reactor’s users (researchers, trainees and students) to achieve a desired condition of the reactor operation. The convenient reactor operation is being the key of achieving an effective utilization of the reactor. For example, experiment of reactivity insertion to understand the subjects of reactor physics, and reactor kinetics and dynamics needs a step withdrawal of the control rod. Ability of the reactor control system to satisfy the operation condition will influence the experimental data used for clear explanation of the subjects.

Kartini Reactor is now already purposed as an internet reactor laboratory (IRL) which enables the students to do a remote experiment through internet network. However, improvement of the reactor instrumentation and control system is necessary to achieve effective experimental activities. Collaboration with researcher in the PUSPATI TRIGA reactor of Malaysian Nuclear Agency is a good opportunity to realize the improvement, while capacity building of the local researcher of BATAN will be achieved through the research. Prior communication with the related researcher was indicating a possible realization of the research collaboration in the coming future (tanto)

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